Why a semi-underground container ?

Waste may not affect the appearance !

Your site is your business card, for your visitors and your customers.                    Also for your employees, you want your site every day to be cleaned up. 

Our semi-underground containers will invite users of your site to separate waste, and it does not affect the appearance.

Therefore Deep Waste Collection introduces the new generation of semi-underground containers. 

In a semi-underground container large amounts of residual waste, paper /cardboard, glass or plastic bottles can be collected.                        

The limited space they occupy on your site is a big advantage.                              Almost two-third of the container is located under the ground. 

As a result, the bulk of the semi-underground container is out of sight.                       In addition the waste remains naturally cool, so odor will be reduced.                    Also the waste becomes compact due to gravity. 

The part that is located above the ground, can be adjusted to each style.              Our semi-underground container always connect in to the look of your site.

Underground waste collection is frequently used in residential and nursing homes, schools, restaurants, offices, industrial and residential areas. 

Semi-underground containers are a good solution for collecting waste on parking’s next to motorways, fuel stations, campgrounds,holiday parks and many more...

Our semi-underground containers are available in three different sizes, 5000 liter, 3000 liter and 1300 liter.