Why us? 

The original product is developed and produced by Markbehallare AB from Sweden since 1997.

Markbehallarre found that after many years of experience in the semi-underground waste collection, that there was too much focus on price.                                          In most cases at the expense of the quality and usability. 

Markbehallare AB started to develop a semi-underground container that would satisfy all needs.                                                                                                 Entirely on their own knowledge, a new generation of semi-underground container was developed. 

The success of the product was enormous, but was given the age of the owner decided to limit the market to Sweden, further growth ambition was not present.



In mid-2009 European Waste Collector V Gansewinkel embraced the product and it was included in their portfolio.

Further development and refinement of the product started together with the developer, technical service, drivers, and especially, they listened to the customer.

The full focus on rate, quality and user-friendliness should be retained.


Change of ownership:

Due to lack of succession Markbehallare AB decided in 2014 to sell the company to Aplast Rotomoulding from Slovenia.

Aplast Rotomoulding is from the first day involved in the development of the product.
Since the beginning they are the producer of the body.                                          
The techniques used are of the highest level, and tone indicating in this field

Under the care of the new owner, the road is used to grow, the ambition to become a successful supplier of semi-underground containers in Europe and perhaps beyond.
Meanwhile in Europe, factory importers starting


Deep Waste Collection BV:

After many years working for v Gansewinkel, partly responsible for the introduction, responsible for development, sales advice and operation for the semi-underground containers.                                                                                                                    It was the end of 2014 decided to continue the activities on an independent basis and continue to expand.

Deep Waste Collection BV was founded by Rob Jacobs                                     

Deep Waste Collection BV is exclusive sales partner for the Benelux, Germany and France. 


Our customers: 

Our clients include waste collectors, governments and companies which are active in the recreation industry.                                                                                              We are active in the area of procurement, we hope to receive your invitation.

We are not active in the field of waste collection.

If you are interested in our semi-underground container, but you need a waste collector as well.                                                                                             Feel free too contact us, we will recommend one of our customers.