Deep Waste Collection delivers the latest generation of semi-underground waste containers.  

The main features of this new concept are therefore arguably improved:

Representation                                                                                                                         Safety                                                                                                                                     User Friendly                                                                                                                      Simple Maintenance       


The semi-underground containers from Deep Waste Collection are not only functional, they look neat and tidy.

The outside of the container will be finished with wood or composite according to your preference. This ensures that the semi-underground container fits with the look of your site.

However, that should still be the case after a few years.                                            In our semi-underground container is therefore paid much attention to the finishing. 

The decoration panels are sink into the container.                                              Special studs and stainless steel finishing, will keep the panels neatly in place.


At Deep Waste Collection, safety comes first.                                                             In the development of the container is strongly taken into account the safety of the users of the semi-underground waste container. 

The container has no projections which a person can hurt themselves.

Deposit insert opening meets the strict requirement to ensure that playing children cannot fall into it

User friendly:

One of the most important aspects of the semi-underground container, it needs to be easy in use.                                                                                                              You can choose between different types of insert openings. 

Additionally, you can choose different closures that allow you to control who can access to the container.

Our semi-underground container is available with the traditional vertical insert opening or the unique Swedish horizontal access opening. 

The Swedish horizontal insert opening makes the container accessible to wheelchair users or children.

Deposit insert opening in colors and a text plate will make the end user clear which waste stream in which semi-underground container belongs.

This makes the semi-underground container extremely user friendly.

For the 5000 liter container you have the possibility to operate the fixed spring to enlarge the opening.

Naturally, we have thought of the collector: 

The large lid from the 5000 liter container has a hinged mechanism with support, this will give the driver the biggest convenience during emptying times.                         Heavy and clumsy lifting belongs to the past. 

Simple Maintenance:

Maintenance of the containers is so simple, it is practically not required.             Mostly maintenance is required only in event of mechanical damage which requires repair.

The simplicity of maintenance was already taken into consideration during the design of the semi-underground containers.                                                                If small repairs need to be done, mostly the driver can fix it in a few minutes.            We also provide all the spare parts to our customers, if required