More space for nature:

70% of the volume of an semi-underground container is located underground, which significantly contributes to a more coherent appearance of the environment and better blending of waste collection containers into the natural environment, as well ensures higher hygiene standards


Up to 6x larger collecting surface compared to classic plastic containers for non - biological waste, significantly reduces the frequency of waste pick up and consequentially rationalizes the expenses of pick up, while reducing the amount of noise in the environment

Higher hygienic standards:

Low ground temperature and 100% water tight collection container reduces unpleasant odors, which are generated during the decomposition of the waste.


Our semi-underground container is suitable for almost any waste stream, for common waste, paper waste, organic waste, glass bottles or plastics, there is always a suitable underground container available.

For the insertion opening of your semi-underground container there are severall different access openings, namely:

Swedisch insert opening for all sizes containers                                           

Traditional insert opening with flat lid (Ø 400 mm) for all sizes containers.             

Our  5000 liter container is also available with a traditional insertion opening from Ø 600 mm or a drum opening with a content of 60L.

Our semi-underground container has, besides a solid integrated lock for the big cover, the choice of two additional locks for the traditional waste insert openings:

Mechanical lock with a special key 

Self-locking lock with a special key (this option, we strongly recommend with insertion opening Ø 600 mm cover)

Both options limits the opportunity that other then your employees and visitors use your containers.

Practical installation

When selecting the location of the semi-underground container, make sure that the container is not placed in the vicinity of other structures, which would hinder people access or access from collection truck.

The required depth for installation of the collection container is 150 cm.

When installing several containers in one site we recommended distance between individual containers is 80 cm. 

For installation there is a manufacturer’s instruction available.