Our containers


Our Semi-underground Containers are made of HDPE, which guarantees high quality. We also work with the highest quality of materials in the assembly. 

The container body has a wall thickness of 12 mm, which ensures that the chance of deformation is nil.

We have a suitable solution for every type of waste. We have several options not only in the format/content of the container, but also in the interior design. In addition to the standard bag, we also have a plastic inner container and a steel inner container in our range.

Container capacity

In our range we have a 5000L, 3000L and 1300L Semi-underground Container. We also have an above-ground version of 2200L.

Collect system

The bag is extra sturdy, which is safer for the users and the driver and has a longer lifespan as a result. We also offer the option of working with a steel or plastic inner container.


Our containers can be assembled with wood, composite or aluminum. Whether you like a natural or modern look, we have various options.

The panels are mounted in the container in a way the panels always stay neatly in place.

Special studs and stainless steel bands ensure correct attachment and a neat finish.

Lid options

Our containers have various options with regard to the throw-in opening, a traditional flat lid in various sizes, a Swedish throw-in opening or a drum is possible.

The various lids can also be closed with various locks, we even have several options for the keys.